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After-sales service

After-sales service

1. Service content:
1. All complete machines or spare parts produced by our company enjoy a certain period of free warranty service;

2. All machines produced by our company provide door-to-door installation, commissioning and operator training;

3. All the complete machines produced by our company can provide operating instructions;

4. The company provides 6 X 8 hours technical consultation telephone service;

5. The company provides emergency maintenance services. The Pearl River Delta region can provide 24-hour maintenance services, and other domestic regions are 48 hours; international customers will be negotiated separately.

Second, the warranty period and maintenance scope:
1. All the whole machine is guaranteed for one year from the date of delivery after delivery and delivery to the customer's designated location;

2. The warranty period of the main random spare parts ranges from 90 days to 180 days, which is implemented in accordance with the purchase contract;

3. For the complete machine or spare parts beyond the warranty period, the company provides paid maintenance services at the cost price.

3. Non-warranty scope:
1. The wearing parts are not covered by the warranty;

2. The failure or damage caused by the customer's unauthorized replacement of the internal parts (including mechanical and electrical parts) of the unit not provided by the company;

3. Failure or damage caused by force majeure factors (such as fire, earthquake, flood, debris flow, etc.);

4. Failure or damage caused by intentional damage, improper operation or other human factors.

4. After-sales service hotline and contact person:
In case of machine failure or operation questions, please call our company at 86-769-82993960 to contact Mr. Zhang.


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