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Cooperation agreement

Cooperation agreement

Cooperation rules of Dongguan Hengyao Machinery Co., Ltd.
Harmony, win-win and integrity are the philosophy and purpose pursued by Hengyao Enterprise. Harmony gives us a pleasant atmosphere of cooperation, win-win gives us the prospect of plentiful returns, and integrity gives us the basis for mutual trust and cooperation. May we work together to create a better future.

1. Cooperation conditions:
1. It is required to have independent legal personality.

2. Have a good reputation, a sincere and long-term cooperation attitude, and have a certain channel influence in the region;

3. Familiar with the basic performance and market conditions of ultrasonic machinery, and have certain customer resources or physical sales terminals in leather, textile, shoes and hats, handicrafts, plastics, electronics and other ultrasonic application fields.

4. There are more professional marketing teams responsible for channel expansion and maximize channel laying;

5. Be able to fully tap itself and various resources of channels to carry out adequate publicity and promotion work;

6. Be able to strictly implement various policies formulated by us, and complete various reporting work in a timely manner.

7. Have good terminal marketing ability and preliminary related professional skills, and can better solve pre-sale, in-sale and certain after-sale services.

2. Cooperation support
a. Strict product inspection procedures, unqualified products will never leave the factory, and products will be issued with inspection certificates and product manuals to ensure that customers can use our company's products normally. For all products produced by our factory, we strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the national industrial product after-sales service and fulfill the obligation of three guarantees. For the manufactured products, within 12 months from the date of delivery, under the normal operation conditions stipulated in the manual, our company Responsible for the quality during the warranty period.

b. Training of guarantee personnel: The company will train agents on product knowledge such as product overview, product operation and basic maintenance.

c. Hengyao will provide dealers with the successful business model of direct sales of products for many years without reservation, and help dealers to formulate product promotion plans based on the actual local conditions.

d. Hengyao will timely feedback the latest industry trends and various market information to dealers.

e. Preferential product discounts to ensure maximum profit margins for dealers.

three. Form of cooperation
Cooperation method: You take the goods directly from us according to the price list provided by us. We can also ship directly on our behalf.

Hengyao's rights and obligations: The company provides product pictures and descriptions, as well as other relevant materials, and provides after-sales warranty services for products.

The rights and obligations of distributors: independent operation, free sales methods, low cost and low risk.

Cooperation characteristics: independent and self-contained, control the overall situation;

4. Cooperation process
Contact the company or browse our website to understand the basic situation of cooperation---------After confirming that it is correct, ask Hengyao for the "Cooperation Application Form"---------------Company Review- --------------Sign the agreement and contract with the agreement of both parties (at the same time provide a copy of ID card, a copy of the industrial and commercial business license or other valid certificates)------------ ----Our company sends the price list and contract samples through the Internet---------The company mails the contract with the special seal of the company contract--------- --------Cooperative work


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